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The history of the East Caribbean Group of Companies tells an interesting story.  A local entrepreneur Sir Phillip Veira had a vision of setting up a flour mill in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  Flour, after its tradition of imports from “mother country” England, was then imported from Maple Leaf Mills of Canada Sir Phillip Veira had purchased equipment relative to his vision, but needed the necessary technical expertise to bring his vision to fruition.  His interest and passion resonated with the then, Maple Leaf Mills’ agent Mr. Rudolph Baynes.  Mr. Baynes proposed a partnership of sorts between Maple Leaf Mills, the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Sir Phillip.  This partnership involved a share structure of 40% Maple Leaf Mills, 20% Government and 40% private investors, primarily Sir Phillip.


Under the Caribbean Common Market agreement, flour production was allocated to St. Vincent for the OECS.  The Treaty of Chagaramus, specifically article 56, now article 164 in the revised treaty, provided protection for the sale of the St. Vincent flour in the OECS. Consequently, the ECFM, became the mill of the islands which gave rise to the brand name “Cream of the Islands” flour for bakers.  The East Caribbean Flour Mills began flour milling operations on Sunday December 11th 1977.


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A launching of the group “East Caribbean Group of Companies” took place in 1988.  Late in 1991, a subsidiary company, Caricom Rice Mills, was purchased from the Government of Guyana.  


Through the innovation and astuteness of the then Managing Director, O.A. ‘Ken” Boyea, the business leadership skills of the Board Chairman, Sir Phillip and an excellent team of foreign and local managers, the flour mill grew into a group of companies to include:


  • An animal Feed plant

  • A polypropylene bag plant

  • A rice mill

-   1981

-   1987

-   1988

The ECGC has positioned itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the Caribbean Region.  Its location at Campden Park Bay was visionary in itself as it is ideal for a fully integrated operation in terms of the discharging of raw materials and the loading of finished products.


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Since inception, the Mill has realized steady growth and expansion in capacity and product lines. It produces some of the finest quality bakers flour under the brand names; “Cream of the Islands” and “Nelson” coupled with long standing packaged flour brands; Easy Bake and Purity. With the development of the rice mill, a number of rich rice brands were developed; Three Jewels, Carib Pearl, Natural Diamond and Carib Diamond.  Recently CariGold and Caricom Pride have been added to the rice family.  We also boast about producing the widest variety of top quality animal feeds in the region.


At ECGC, we are customer focused and as such we listen. Consequently, the company has further diversified its product to include the packaging of Pulses; lentils, red kidney beans, black eye peas, yellow split peas. Recently, Carib Pearl Natural Spring bottled water under private labeling has been added to this growing family of products.


With a staff complement of one hundred and thirty-seven (137) employees, in St. Vincent, ECGC continues to invest in the development of its human resources. Our commitment to this development is not limited to staff, but extends to the community level in the areas of sports, education and youth.


At ECGC, we have succeeded as a result of our motto “Excellence through Team-work”.  This commitment to excellence, which has served the OECS region and beyond for the past twenty-nine years, will, as the old saying goes, “get better with age!"



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