Our Feeds at ECF have developed the reputation for delivering the best results to farmers in that of high feed conversion ratios, production output and meat quality.


The emphasis we place on the high nutritional needs of Poultry, Pigs, Rabbits, Cows and Small Ruminants has continued to make us the obvious choice of farmers in our Caribbean sub-region.


Excellent customer service, technical support mechanisms and consistency in quality and supply help us to ensure and sustain lucrative operations for all stakeholders involved.

Feed Products Listing

Chick Starter 19
Feed to starter pullets
from day old,to seven weeks depending on their weight
Pullet Grower (Med) 16 Feed to pullets from six to
seven weeks until sixteen weeks of age depending on their weight
Pullet Grower (Non
16 Feed
non-medicated,pullet grower from 16 weeks of age until birds reach
10% production at approximately 20 to 22 weeks of age
Layer 17 & 19 Feed to laying chickens
from 10% egg production to 40 weeks of age. At 40 weeks of age birds may be fed
15% layer.
Broiler Starter 21 Feed to broiler chicks from
one day to four weeks of age
Broiler Grower 19 Feed to broilers starting
with the fifth week until birds are switched to broiler finisher
Broiler Finisher 18 Feed to broilers during the
last five days prior to slaughter.
Pig Starter 17 Feed to baby pigs from
weaning to 75 lbs of,body weight
Pig Grower 15 Feed to pigs from 75lbs
body weight until ready for market
Pig Finisher 13 Feed
to pigs from 120lbs body weight until ready for market
Banana Supplement 20 Feed 1 to 3 lbs of banana
supplement per day to growing pigs along with fresh bananas fed to appetite
Sow Ration 16 Gestation: Feed to 4 to 5
lbs per head per day increase feeding to 5 to 6 lbs per head per day, 30 days
prior to furrowing.
Dairy Pellets 16 & 18 • Lactation: Gradually
increase feed after furrowing until fed to appetite.
• Feed 16% Dairy Ration
together with high protein forage fed to appetite
• Feed to dairy cows
according to body weight and milk production. Feed at the rate of 2% of body
weight plus 1lb per 3 lbs of milk
G.P.R. 14 A general purpose livestock
feed for feeding to all classes of livestock at the rate of 1% to 2% of body
Horse Pellets 14 • Feed 1/2 to 1 1/2 per100lbs body weight, according to the amount of work and desired body condition
• Feed good quality hay at
the same rate or provide free choice feeding of quality fresh hay
Rabbit Pellets 17 Feed to Rabbits appetite