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ECGC Video Showcase

ECGC Photo Album

Carter Grain Separator (Paul Vellox)

A View of Dock - East Caribbean Flour Mills, Campden Park Bay

Bags Being Inspected Before Printing (R) Paula Barnwell, (M) Sylvia Joseph, (L) Fleurette Edwards

Clean Wheat at 1st Break Roll (Paul Velox)

Protein Analysis at East Caribbean Flour Mills Quality Control Laboratory (Audrey Simmons)

ECGCs Choir at Carolyn Contest and the truth be told they did sing well.

Lady Veira after cutting of ribbon to the Sir. PH Veira Centre at ECGC.

Lady Jack cutting ribbon to ECRM in background, Sir Veira & Lady Veira.

Current Marketing Manager, Mr. Martin La Borde, shall we say in his lighter days.

(R) Lanie John former SVG and Windward Island Batsman. (L) Gunny Hinds Off Spinner

General Manager Dr. Julian Ferdinand proves that he is multitalented when it comes to the world of sports.

Three Jewels Carnival Mass Band.

Three Jewels Rice was not only found on plates across the Caribbean, it was also found among the colorful sections at carnivals across the region.

Former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell, along with then Ministers Jerimiah Scott and John Horne at ECGC Christmas party.

Former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell speaking at the opening of ECRM

ECGC Scholarship Holders

(R-L) Sharlene La Borde daughter of Marketing Manager Martin La Borde, Joseph Ince son of Maxwell Ince

ECGC Scholarship Holders

Dwayne Grant and father Alfred Grant

ECGC Scholarship Holders

Nisha Glasgow and mother Sylvina Jeffrey

ECGC Scholarship Holders

Damita Harry and mother Gloria Harry-Barnwell

ECGC Scholarship Holders

Charmaine McDowall and father Fitzroy Williams

ECGC Scholarship Holders

Amanda Beache

ECGC Scholarship Holders

Samantha Ince - daughter of Maxwell Ince

ECGC Scholarship Holders

Wenique Roberts and father Wendell Roberts

ECGC Scholarship Holders

Casey Davy son of Ossie Davy





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