Our products

A Culture of Quality

We strive for excellence at ECGC, in the quality of our products and in service to our customers.  The continued increase in competitiveness and technological advancement across the region, impacts significantly on consumers’ tastes and expectations.  As diverse as they may be, we strive to satisfy our customers at all times with exceptionally high quality products and service.


Quality can be simply defined as a degree of excellence.  Routine daily analyses are conducted on samples of products taken from the production line to ensure that these products are maintained within international standards.  Analyses are conducted from the very raw material as they are off loaded, throughout the production process and on the final products.


Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are routine checks derived from the Federal Regulation in the USA.  They are used by the Quality Assurance Department (QAD) to ensure that the production plants keep with in Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs).


The plants are audited internally and externally at various levels and times.  Particularly the local Bureau of Standards audits every six months to ensure conformity to specific quality standards. The staff of the QAD is dedicated to excellence in quality.