At ECGC, our commitment to customer satisfaction has led to the production of various brands of rice that are high in quality while at the same time economical to the family budget.  Wholesome long grain rice is carefully processed from mature rice of the highest quality to deliver a wholesome product to the customer.

Rice Products Listing

Three Jewels Rice 2kg, 4kg, 400g, 800g
Carib Pearl Rice 2kg, 4kg, 400g, 800g
CariGold Rice 1kg, 2kg
Natural Diamond Brown Rice 400g, 800g, 2kg
Carib Diamond Rice 1kg, 2kg, 25lb, 50lb, 100lb

Three Jewels is available in parboiled, white and brown rice products.
Carib Pearl in parboiled and white.
CariGold parboiled only.